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What will the service be like? 

Our service is family friendly, and our music style is blended. What blended means is that during worship will try to provide an atmosphere where 7-year-olds can worship alongside 70-year-olds. You will hear both traditional hymns led with the piano and organ and modern worship songs led with an acoustic guitar. John, our pastor, will bring a message from the Scripture that is not only relevant but applicable to your everyday life.


What should I wear?

Wear whatever you want, just come! We want you to feel free to come in what makes you feel comfortable. It doesn’t matter to us at all!


What about my kids?

During all of our Worship services for children 5yrs and under you’ll find an amazing team of trained leaders ready to take care of your little ones. Children 5 yrs and over attend Worship with their parents, we want to offer a place where you can come as a family and worship together.


Where do I park?

We have two main parking lots — one to the west of the Education building and one to the east of the sanctuary. You may also park on the street. Handicap parking can be found against the east side of the sanctuary close to the building. 


Where do I go when I arrive?  

Coffee is available in the Fellowship Hall before Sunday School. So, drop off the kids and come to the fellowship hall if you need a caffeine boost. 


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